Spring Landscape painting course based around the banks of the river Rother

1 Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st May (accommodation 19th & 20th)

The program for each day will run as follows:


6pm meet and greet at the Flackley Ash


10am Meet at Blackwall Farmhouse studio, short demonstration on techniques, collect materials etc then short walk down to river and set up work stations and create sketches and source material

11.30am Tea/Coffee break

1pm Return to Blackwall studio for Lunch

1.45pm short talk about relevant artists

2.15pm Set up workstation in studio and start work from morning sketches

3.45pm Tea/Coffee and group discussion of the day’s work


10am Meet at Blackwall Farmhouse studio, continue with Landscape painting with tutoring from Nick and option to return to river for further source material if necessary.

11.30am Tea/Coffee

1pm Lunch

1.45pm Continue with final painting

3.45pm Tea/Coffee and group discussion of weekend’s work

Course Prices

£476 including standard room accommodation.

£568 including superior room accommodation.

This includes teaching, accommodation, breakfast at the hotel and lunch at the studio.

£220 without accommodation

Spaces are limited to 6-8 people. Studio equipment will be provided but students are required to bring their own materials. A work sheet with required materials will be issued in advance of the class.